Pharmacy Services 

Total Blood Cholesterol Monitoring

We offer complete cholesterol testing solutions that will help you determine your cholesterol levels and estimate your risk of developing heart diseases.

Blood Pressure/Glucose Monitoring

Through our blood pressure and blood glucose level monitoring services you will be able to keep your health in check in an efficient and accurate manner.

Urine Testing

Through this service, you will be able to identify, treat and tackle a range of ailments including kidney issues, bladder infections and liver diseases.

Diabetes Testing

Through these tests you will be able to test for Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes by determining your blood sugar levels.

ECG Testing

We offer electrocardiogram medical testing services designed to detect any heart abnormalities such as arrhythmias, coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Ultrasound testing

These non-invasive testing techniques are done using ultrasonic waves to see through soft tissue and fluids in your body. 

Consultancy Services 

Optician Services

Whether you need an eye exam or you are looking to renew your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, our in-house ophthalmic practitioner can present you with this service.

Blood Pressure Holter

We present our clients with 24-hour blood pressure monitoring or ambulatory blood pressure monitoring solutions to test your arterial pressure in a non-invasive manner.

One Day Holter

Our 24-hour ECG Holter monitor is a device that is worn for a day to capture and detect your heart’s performance. This allows your doctor to detect any irregularities or conditions.

Individualised Nutrition Programmes

We can present you with individualised nutrition programmes that can help you manage your weight or deal with eating disorders in a healthy manner.

 Specialised Solutions

Foot icon

Foot Scans

This service is offered to identify and deal with a range of foot-related ailments or issues including pressure point, gait analysis, pronation and arch type.

endocrinological icon

Endocrinological Solutions

We offer hormone therapy designed to restore your hormone levels through prescription medication.

dermatology icon

Dermatology Services

We can help you tackle a range of skin-related issues such as birthmarks, unwanted scars, tumours, wart removal, wrinkle treatments and moles. 

hair icon

Hair Wellness Solutions

We can help you replenish and strengthen your hair or deal with hair loss or other conditions in a reputable and non-damaging manner.

professional icon

Professional Consultations 

Our several in-house doctors and specialists can offer you a choice of professional consultations and treatments at our Gudja-based clinic.